Epitonic saki Sessions bring together the duality of the tangible and intangible in music - live performances and recordings, record stores and the Internet. Ideally, I take part in both sides, but I often hear these recordings weeks later and kick myself for not getting out and discovering a new band at my favorite record store.

If you're in Chicago, keep tabs on upcoming Epitonic saki Sessions and come say hi. If not, we'll keep serving up new sessions as often as possible. But you should really get out of the house. Below are samples of my favorite EsS's to date:

1. Maps & Atlases (Listen to "Pigeon" below)

Classic math-pop group Maps & Atlases brought a special acoustic session to a very packed record store. It's not too often an in-store requires the old one-in/one-out method.

2. Opposites (Listen to "Cardio" below)

This is a recording of Opposites' first performance in Chicago (and first performance in this format, under this name). They maintained this line-up for only four more months, and have been shifting sounds ever since on their frequent recording projects.

3. Minor Characters (Listen to "If I Were You" below)

Minor Characters are one of the best pop/rock groups around, and they just keep getting better. Get to know them.

4. Angel Olsen (Listen to "Always Half Strange" below)

Angel Olsen's unique voice and calm-yet-firm presence are gripping.

5. Chris Brokaw (Listen to "Into the Woods" below)

Former Codeine drummer and once-again Come guitarist/vocalist Chris Brokaw proved to be intensely atmospheric.

6. Brokeback (Listen to "Who Is Bozo Texino?" below)

Tortoise instrumentalist Doug McCombs exercises his more rock tendencies in Brokeback, certainly not sacrificing any of the excellence of the former project.

7. The Orwells (Listen to "Halloween All Year" below)

The Orwells exploded onto the garage rock scene around the time of this session, and their energy is well-captured in these recordings; they'll make you feel young again.

8. Lasers and Fast and Shit (Listen to "Hot Miracle" below)

How couldn't you fuck with a punk band called Lasers and Fast and Shit? Especially when they have a homemade light array.

9. Coffin Pricks (Listen to "Group Home Haircut" below)

Not that anyone wanted it to end, but Coffin Pricks were appropriately short-lived for a band composed of old punks. Epitonic captured the majority of their catalog in this session.

10. An Aesthetic Anaesthetic (Listen to "Arkansenio Hall" below)

Chicago's favorite malort-drinking, genre-crossing, mostly-instrumental goofballs. 

The Most Honorable Mention. Father John Misty (Watch the full session below)

Former Fleet Foxes drummer gone amazing. I was too late for this boat...

Father John Misty: Epitonic saki Session from Epitonic on Vimeo.