I saw Crooked Fingers live last week and I just can't say enough about this band (though technically it's a solo project, he does play with two other dudes). The newly released Reservoir Songs is good but not as polished as the previous Bring on the Snakes. Part of it might be that the production quality is a little lower -- these songs sound like Bachmann and two other guys just sat down and recorded the thing in one take. It's well recorded, but I really enjoyed the layering of Bring On The Snakes. The songs are good though, and my favorite by far is "Solitary Man". They also do a great cover of Queen/David Bowie's "Under Pressure". The self titled album is the first album and is excellent. Favs from it are "New Drink For the Old Drunk", "Juliette", and "Broken Man" (his voice is actually quite beautiful on this track).