What to listen to when my girlfriend and I are going to bed is always up for constant debate between us. She often says, "Nathan. This would be so much easier if you just create a gosh darn sleep mix." Too which I often reply, "I know..." After all I am an editor with Epitonic and creating cohesive playlists is sort of supposed to be what I do.  

But first, a few thoughts...

It is of importance to find an album or a medley of songs that contains that soft constant lull that will croon you to sleep. You don't want any surprise rock symphonies bursting on at 3 a.m. So of course planning is of key concern. Perhaps it is the lyrics that bring comfort whey your eyes begin to droop or it could be how that repetitive guitar melody fosters a polyphonic layer over the beat of the song that soothes you to sleep or even both. Possibly you choose an album that harvests a level of nostalgia for a loved one or elicits a calming feel from way back when you used to spend summers at Grandma's as a little tike. Maybe it's the fact that the street noise is so loud outside your apartment that you need something more preferable to drown out the 92 ambulances and the minimum 6 inebriated "street folk" that pass by your bedroom window every night. Regardless, of whether there are any gleefully intoxicated street folk outside your window every night (I sincerely hope there's not) we all need that list of tunes or album that will lure you into such a deep state of REM that it wont matter if King Kong is 

scaling the building across your street. 

So alas, I give it my darndest and create a mix of some of my personal favorite bedtime tunes that will be guaranteed to either bore, lull, or soothe you to sleep. So take a load off, put on some fresh pj's and go catch some darn zzz's already.