I figure about 80% of the time that I am listening to music I am doing so with the use of my trusty headphones.  Whether I be walking the bustling streets of Chicago, riding the El, studying, or just listening to a record for the first time it's done with the help of my favorite set o' cans.  Hence the title of my first play list. 


Ideally, this play list should be listened to on your favorite set of ear-huggers for the desired effect.  However, a stereo system will obviously be just fine, as well.  I do warn you this play list is not for those with a short attention span and will most likely kill any sort of up-beat party, but rather it is supposed to serve as a sort of backing soundtrack to whatever you may be doing at the time you are listening to said play list e.g. riding a train or going for a stroll.  The music isn't necessarily the focal point, but how it meshes with your current situation...  How it acts an accomplice to your current surroundings and going-ons. That's your focal point.   


Listen, walk, enjoy.