I have come to realize that folk music is what holds my family's musical thread together. My parents may not understand my fondness for bass-heavy electronic music or my sister's affinity for pop-punk, but when we're together I know I can through on a little Mumford and Sons or a little Cat Stevens for my pops and all will be well. There's never bickering or loud taunts of "THIS MUSIC IS NOT FUN" -- only sweet, sweet serenity. I suppose that's how all those folk musicians intended it to be. However, this can be a double-edged sword, because I'm pretty sure I've listened to Mumford & Sons "Sign No More" more times than any sane person should. I understand that the use of digital technology and using it as a means for music discovery is not necessarily a strong point for the baby boomer generation, but fear not -- I've got a little playlist for the folks and yourself.   

Download this playlist, burn it to a CD and/or upload it on whatever relevant piece of mp3 hardware you own, yell "Mom, Dad -- we're goin' for a ride!" There wont be any dispute. I promise.