There's a first time for everything. Some "first times" are more memorable (i.e. your first kiss) than others (i.e. the first time you discovered bees were not playthings). In fact, life is nothing but a perpetual cycle of first times and fresh experiences. Yet to me my first experiences with music are the ones that stick out the most: my first cassette tape (a beat up Michael Jackson Bad cassette my Pops gave me), my first CD (the Men in Black soundtrack featuring Will Smith -- bad ass, I know), and my first vinyl LP: Flying Lotus' L.A. 

Browsing through Epitonic, you have the opportunity to experience precisely 8,499 (the number of mp3s Epitonic currently hosts) first times. So I challenge you to to find 10 new tracks and/or bands that you have never heard of using Epitonic as a your guide. You never know what hidden gems may lay in the depths of the servers.  

I leave you with 10 top notch tracks that I discovered for the first time using Epitonic.