One afternoon, an old and wise monk was taking a walk through the depths of the Tibetan Forest. As he turned to head back home he was met with an awful dread as he noticed a tiger laying in wait. Upon locking eyes with the beast, the tiger began to chase after him.  

The monk ran, and while attempting to evade the tiger he came upon the edge of a tall cliff; not paying attention to where was running, he fell over. Half way down, his fall was stopped by the branch of a small tree growing out of the side of the cliff.

For a moment, the monk was sure he was spared, only to look down to see another tiger at the bottom of the cliff. Now there were two tigers, one at the top of the cliff and one at the bottom eagerly awaiting his impending demise.

While contemplating what to do about his situation, the monk looked over, and saw a big red delicious strawberry growing on the side of the cliff near the tree. He reached over, picked the strawberry, and ate it with supreme enjoyment.  

Everyday that you wake up; you are in effect starting the first day of the rest of your life. You will never be as young as you are today, and in turn, today is the oldest you have ever been.  Life is one long excursion, and when you begin an extensive journey like you do every morning, especially one that’s perpetually starting, it’s only natural to fixate on the destination. If today is my start, then where is my end?

It’s not always easy to appreciate the here and now, especially with the past and the future being so omnipresent (pun intended). But if for only a second you can appreciate where you stand at this very moment, you’ll soon realize that both the start and the end are not nearly as important as the now.