This one's for my buddy Joey, who described my last playlist as "Good, but not life changing"

While Joe may not have agreed with last week's tracks, one thing we do see eye to eye on, and one thing he and I have discussed quite a bit in the 17 or so years that we've known each other is how seasonal/cyclical our music selections seem to be. Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall all have their own specific songs/albums never to be mixed, mingled, or otherwise confused.

For example, you would never catch either of us listening to XO on a sunny day with temperatures surpassing 50 degrees because the emotion espoused by Elliott Smith in that album is frigid, reserved, dark, and isolating- much as the entire month of December is in Chicago. Conversely, come Summer it's time to be wrapped in the warm, affectionate, convivial embrace of bands like Iron and Wine.

Round and round we go, with the same albums making their appearance in the same months year in and year out. Eventually, this cycle catalyzes the music into something much more than sonic pleasure; the albums become a marking on the proverbial cave wall to detonate the passage of time, to personally celebrate the survival of another season, and most importantly to welcome in the next.

As you sit on your deck, porch, patio or whatever slab of concrete your outdoor furniture and grill calls home, fire up this playlist and say hello to this brand new Summer.