As many of you probably know, while Epitonic has editors located around the world our offices are based in Chicago. Because of this, the Chicago music scene is extremely near and dear to our hearts, a fact you also probably know based on the multiple Chi-Town-centric playlists that have graced our homepage.

While I am sure you know all the above, and probably much more (like calculus or how to ride a bike) what you may not know is that the indie festival scene in Chicago has hit an impasse. If you are a mid-to-large-scale community music or arts event in this city that isn't nicknamed Lolla, good luck. With increased fees, impossible to obtain permits, and an overall anti-indie atmosphere hanging over the skyline it's becoming harder and harder to envision a future with the same flourishing summer scene I've grown accustomed to.

This issue isn't exactly breaking news, and in fact this topic has been buzzing around for about a month in the wake of a "cultural focus group" held in late March. That said, as the summer festival scene begins to amp up so does my anxiety about what the future may bring. At this rate, Pitchfork 2015 will take place in Madison, and coming from someone who lives five minutes away from Union Park that is a seriously disheartening prospect.