This past Sunday I was at saki for the Cymbals Eat Guitars/ Secret Colours session, which, for the record, was amazing. I don’t know if it was Secret Colours entrancing grooves, or CEG's Joseph D'Agostino’s vocals -- which are as captivating as they are bipolar in their rapid ascent and decline -- but for some reason I was put into this indie rock, Manchurian candidate trance where I started flipping though every record in the store, convinced I would find something that I desperately needed, but didn’t yet have.

As I thumbed through each and every record stack, I quickly realized that there is really nothing better than listening to intensely awesome live music while simultaneously shopping for vinyl -- it's hipster nirvana.

Anyways, I kept pushing, going stack to stack, record to record until I saw IT-- my long lost friend: Joan of Arc’s Live in Chicago 1999.

I hadn’t listened to the record in probably ten years, but I was overjoyed to see it. Live in Chicago 1999 was the first true piece of indie art I picked up as a young and developing music fan, and it’s a record I have always held close to my heart, albeit one I currently didn’t own on vinyl. Boom, done, purchased.

Ultimately, it got me thinking that while we constantly tout Epitonic as the place to discover new music, and it is, this domain also carries the ability for you to connect with your past. So take some time and find those aged acquaintances, because if your like me they may mean more to you now than the ever did back then.