Yesterday Cristina delved into East Coast hip-hop so I felt it only fitting to counter with my own West Side ride today.

To be honest, I've never really liked the idea of a coast on coast struggle for supremacy. Even though it's really only been two decades, the East v. West hip-hop battle seems as old as time itself, probably because the eminently influential voices of the game gave near irrefutable creedence to the idea in the 90s by hurling scene-centric jabs across the continental U.S at a frenzied pace. But the reality is Tupac was never better than Biggie, and Biggie was never better than Tupac. They were both undeniably great.

The West Coast is a crisp Pinot while the East is a rich Cab. Tupac is the Beatles, and Biggie is the Stones. There is a certain philosophical difference in the approach which effects the end products, but the sum of the parts on both sides ultimately equal out.

So check out the NYC sounds, and then compare to them to this Left Coast boast. Maybe you'll find yourself on Death Row, or maybe you'll see yourself as more of a Bad Boy, or maybe, just maybe you'll decide it's all pretty fucking great.