I have a fairly contentious relationship with my hometown, but doesn't everyone? Where you grow up is such an enormous part of your development, and in turn who you become it's natural for both profound love and sincere hostility to simultaneously exist within that relationship.

While I appreciate my hometown, if given the chance I'd much rather talk about the truly awesome places I've been in my life rather than the one place where I'm ultimately from. However, when I consider why that is I am at a loss. I have no deep connection to Paris, London, Madrid, or Negril, yet I'd rather spend hours telling you about my time abroad then talk about Northbook, IL for five minutes.

I guess it's my drive to move on, not necessarily to bigger and better things but simply to move on; to add a few worldly, albeit fleeting pages into my book of life rather than expand on my current chapter. It was with this thought that I created the following playlist of bands that actually originated in towns far from their namesake. Maybe they hate where they're from, or maybe they simply wish they were some place more exciting but either way, I get it.

Air France- Actually from Sweden
Singapore Sling- Actually from Iceland
Half Japanese- Actually from Michigan
Of Montreal- Actually from Georgia
HollAnd- Actually from D.C.
Saigon- Actually from New York
Abc Galaxy- Actually from the Milky Way Galaxy
Angry Mexican DJs- Actually from the UK, actually not angry
Barcelona- Actually from Virginia
Bombay Bicycle Club- Actually from the UK