Days have reoccurring themes and developing overarching messages. Today's is "limits." We need limits to guide us, to comfort us, to prevent us from floundering.  Perhaps you do not, but I need limits to make sense of such a vast existence.  Even in my experience in producing music, it is the limits in time, budget, equipment that are positive boundaries, not negative roadblocks.  Epitonic was conceptualized to a degree based on limits. Back in 1999 we wanted to actively curate a music catalog based on our taste, and coaxed great labels and artists to offer music.  Now our site is about limits more than ever, almost protecting our users from the music overload of today.  As confirmed by my trip to SXSW last week, sensory overload in music today is very real, and I am proud to help create a community, to recognize and resurface the great music of the past, and to create limits.