My dear friend Jason Noble passed away this past weekend after a grueling battle with cancer. He was an amazing musician, a member of bands like Rodan, Shipping News, and Rachel's -- bands I was honored to represent while working at Touch and Go Records. I also released one of his final records on my label File 13 Records a couple of years ago: an album by The Young Scamels, a group I was privileged to work with. I released the album not only because of how great the music is, but because of how much I wanted to have an excuse to call or email Jason and plan the release, joke around, and generally catch up. Any conversation with Jason was a long one -- at least 45 minutes of laughs with a lot of inspiring ideas in between. Beyond being a great musician, Jason was easily one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure to know. He was so sweet, intelligent, thoughtful, and funny. I will miss him terribly, as will my family, who knew and loved him too. I hope an article and playlist will help us all celebrate his huge and positive impact on everyone's lives; let us not ever let his memory diminish.

The photo here is of Jason, mixing the live sound for my band The Poison Arrows, at our last show in his hometown of Louisville just before he got sick. I think maybe my band-mate Patrick took the photo. After the show, we got pizza and then sat up until 4 or 5 AM,  listening to music with me in my sleeping bag on the floor of the control room in his home studio, eventually dozing off while listening to a variety of randomness we shared with each other as long as we could stay awake.