Relaunching Epitonic was sincerely a dream come true for myself and everyone who pitched in to make it happen. We were determined to relaunch on the 12th anniversary of the original site’s March 8th launch, and it was a pretty mad scramble to make it happen. Thanks so much to all of the contributors, developers, and designers who worked so hard, and also to all of the labels, publicists, and artists who have allowed us to feature their great music. Most of all thank you to all of the users who have visited the new Epitonic over the past month. We’ve gotten tons of congratulatory well-wishes and some really constructive feedback on the site so far. We are definitely listening to your ideas and what you want from the new site, so keep it coming.   


I’m really proud of the site we launched last month but quite honestly, we ran out of time to implement some of the major features we originally planned. This new upgrade is really a more complete version of what we envisioned for launch. There is now a persistent audio player that follows the user around the site allowing uninterrupted listening between pages, as well as volume and position control, and the ability to create custom playlists. You can also log in to “My Epitonic” and create, save, and share your own playlists. We’ve also implemented several of the original features that were missing at launch, like long bios, similar artists, and related artists. We even added a new category to browse by “scenes.” I think with this latest version, the new incarnation of is officially underway. Nevertheless we have many more upgrades and ideas to introduce soon that will help us reach our mission of once again becoming the ultimate source of carefully-selected cutting-edge music that's always free and legal.


To celebrate this new version of the site we have some fantastic exclusive track premieres as well:


Thao & Mirah - “How Dare You”

Greys - “City of Broken Lights”

Other Lives - “For 12”

Joan of Arc - “Like Minded”

Sennen - “With You”