Chicago is constantly ranked inferior to its larger counterparts on both coasts, and has often been ranked the US's most stressful city due to weather, traffic, and crime.  If ever there was a normalizing factor, it is the sports triumphs over the past several years.  I know, you are an indie rocker, you do not care, fair enough, but I do.   I cherish something to distract me from the fact I am still wearing a coat to the office.  I applaud a form of entertainment that is far superior to 99.9 percent of network TV.   I particularly love The Bulls and feel confident of their chances despite the loss to the Heat tonight.  The Bears are my absolute favorite sports team in the world and I cannot see a tolerable winter if there is a lockout -- hear that Rahm?! I know you can do something about it.  Also The Blackhawks, they are out but a tremendous showing after a Stanley Cup. Let's not forget the Sox World Series Win and the rare Cubs playoff appearances recently...  OK, OK, this sounds really out of character for a site like Epitonic...  I understand your push back and am sure you think I am lame, I probably am... but the more I understand sports, the more I understand it as a form of media like music, film, tv et al... and I do appreciate Chicago's strengths over the past 10 years. If anything it helps solidify a community I feel proud to call home.