Shabazz Palaces: Saw these cats at Lincoln Hall after I left the lame-ass Pitchfork Festival...the definite high point of my night -- and the nights of about 500 other souls who were left speechless watching them rock. I wasn't completely sure if the crowd was feeling it as much as I was (shouts to Bell's Two Hearted) until they raved for an encore. SP politely obliged them. Peace to the SubPop booth at Pitchfork who laced me with some patches...Shabazz Palaces got the illest patches.

Tall Black Guy and Tensei (Simple X and Midas Wells): With both of these producers getting international accolades from BBC's Gilles Peterson, Chicago is in the building. Also, acclaimed L.A. indie label Plug Research recently signed Tensei. Remember, your favourite (yes, the Brit spelling) editor laced you up first right here on Epitonic...stay chuned fi true.  

ATR: Over 20 years of material...reunited and coming to a Chi near you (September 28th). If you not familiar, get familiar. Can you get Atari cartridges from GameFly? #Random. 

Chicago is represented again with Onis of Stay Humble Entertainment rocking "White Sox Fitted." Sad that the Sox are looking like anklets instead of calf-highs this year, or I could see this blowing up as an anthem. Nevertheless, it is ultra and represents that South Side pride.  

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