Say what you will about Los Angeles -- say that it's a souless, heartless, blood sucking, superficial, dream crushing, polluting, over crowded, silicone filled, artless excuse for a city -- and you'll still move your band there the moment a souless, lying, heartless manager from Capitol Records promises you fame and fortune. Tell me how cities like Seattle and Chicago and Austin have more creativity and good music on one city block than all of Hollywood -- and you'll still get giddy on the Walk of Fame and act like a four year old when you totally see Fred Savage getting coffee at Starbucks.

The truth is, while Los Angeles is home to plenty of anti-art and mindless entertainment, it's also a watering hole for thousands of aspiring artists, including hundreds of new and established bands who have made their mark through a thriving and vastly varied music scene. Back in the day, L.A. and New York were perhaps the only thriving hot spots for musicians and performers, and while decades of progress have made way for dozens of other amazing cities to build up and offer up quality bands, there is still something romantic and sort of cool about being the OG city: the place to be to make things happen, to make dreams come true and all those cliche phrases that agents are spewing on their cell phones in stopped traffic every single day in L.A.

I'm a Northern California native and often make my way down to Southern California. I've been lost in Compton, taken touristy photos of the Capitol Records building, and ran through the streets at night near the Beverly Center. And despite the stigma it holds, and the steady shit talking I often hear from those who reside in a much "cooler" city, I can genuinely see how a place like L.A. has turned out so many awesome acts. Sunset Boulevard is a long ways away from the tiny punk venues in Silverlake, or amazing independent record shops in the art district-- and these areas are the true and pure seeds that plant some of the best bands around today. 

These are all bands who have tore up the L.A. music scene in the last few years and have managed to make all those cliches that L.A. agents spew totally come true.