For me, on Black Friday, the somehow emptiest, but obviously coolest store was the toy store; which I walked through slowly and thoroughly, pressing all the fuzzy "try me" paws, carefully inspecting the new wave Nerf Guns, and ultimately purchasing a Slinky. I remembered what the holidays truly used to be about: toys. Especially the latest Go Go My Walking Puppy, Barbie Fold and Fun House, and the talking education robot, 2-XL (which I still own to this day).

While I could and am quite tempted to spew some bullshit about the magic of childhood, I won't; sort of because it makes me sad and sort of because I'm not that sappy. Adulthood is serious -- from the career choices to the complex romances, the politics of friendships to the music you listen to. Most music is so ideal for an issued adult. A perfect outlet for their emotions, which are corked up their ass. Relate-able lyrics and dark tones are a way to deal with your own self loathing, the missing of your ex, lonely Friday nights, or fake social-Saturday ones. It's singing along with some new amazing experimental folk exotica fusion band before writing or discussing the reasons this new experimental folk exotica fusion band is soooo amazing.

In the spirit of the holidays, this playlist is an attempt to let go of that a bit. And while I will perhaps always be addicted to listening to music from bands that sing about how I feel or that make me feel better about life or love or whateverthefuck, I crave the childish stuff just as much. I like the silliness and often it's nice to hear a song that reminds you of the stuff you heard in Disney movies when you were a kid. Here is a small collection of songs that refuse to take themselves too seriously. Ones that are funny, whimsical, kitschy, and cute and deliciously immature. These sounds remind of recess, riding your bike until you can't feel your legs, bubbles, candy, carnivals, and, of course, toys.