My dog and I just moved 800 miles in a truck that was too big for me to drive. The minimal amount of stuff I had acquired over the last eight years in Phoenix lifted and fell with a disturbing crash each time we crossed over harsh road conditions or unnecessary speed bumps. My dog didn't care, he was leaning against the door and fighting sleep after swallowing a piece of string cheese with a strong sedative in the center. When the scenery started changing, and shades of browns started turning into unrecognizable trees and smelling like water, or fruit, or wine or whatever California has to offer, the songs I shuffled through started feeling old.

Craving something fresh, I flip through in search of something that can become a catalyst. A band or a song or a moment right then that will undoubtedly be the start of something new. The greatest thing about music is that it's ever changing and has a distinct pull which can ensure, motivate or swiftly bring about a whole new world.

My dog gives up on trying to stay awake and succumbs to his exhaustion while I give up on trying to find what it is I was looking for... yet again. Nonetheless, I keep listening, and the truck keeps moving forward.