I have a boyfriend who used to tell me I can't see "the forest for the trees," whatever the fuck that means.  Relationships are such a trite subject for a group of songs, yet also the easiest to produce as the subject matter is universal.  Beyond a playlist with songs about love and connection is the luminous cloud that harbors actual love and connection.  That same boyfriend says, "you need to come back down to reality" and I can't help but think I'm already there, more there than I want to be.

I make mistakes, then make them again, skip to another song or listen to the same one on repeat for two days, on a walk to a car, on a night with too much whiskey, through downtown street lights and mornings with nothing to do but think. Someone asks me what I'm looking for: love, sex, dates, free drinks, affection, excitement. I say, "connection." And for every connection, there's a soundtrack. No matter how fleeting or purposeless, complex or surreal, miserable, ridiculous, sexual or stupid -- there's always a song playing that makes it all seem okay.