We’ve all experienced it -- the butterflies (or perhaps nausea) that overwhelm us when we face something for the first time. Though confidence swells as we reach our prime, it seems at every age one still has to encounter a first. Whether it’s your first date, your first job, or errrm…your first contribution to your 401K, we’ve all felt the indescribable emotional state of experiencing something for the very first time. In honor of firsts, the collection of tracks I’ve chosen for your listening pleasure is a reminder of those experiences.

First Road Trip
Cut Copy "Where I’m Going": The instrumental Beatles-esque backdrop, the Beach Boys influence on the vocal mash up, and the spinning, electro-happy synthesizer bring me back to my first college road trip: a seven-hour drive to Galveston beach in the south of Texas. The countless bathroom breaks, unbearable stench of sweat, and relentless arguments about splitting the cost of gas -- only to end up at the shittiest beach on the planet. But the playlist was so life-changing we forgot all about it.

First Big Move
Heartless Bastards "Parted Ways": Genius vocalist and guitarist Erika Wennerstrom cries, “Out in the space, I’m alone with the only hum of the wheels/ They are carrying me onto a wild space to breathe in.” The move from a small suburb of Dallas to the big city of Chicago was just that. "Parting Ways" was a bittersweet experience, but on par with Wennerstrom’s signature vocal style of breaking into forced crescendo and string-bending guitar riffs, it was a way to proudly announce, "Yeah…I fucking made it."

First Love
Lykke Li "I Follow Rivers (Lost Sessions Remix)": "Rivers"' haunting, ethereal mood imparts the feeling of being young and in love. A love that feels forbidden, exciting, and even dangerous -- one that entices you to stick around. Maybe it’s our obsession with Romeo and Juliet. Maybe it’s Lykke Li’s association with the Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack. Maybe it’s hormones. But whatever the cause for reeling us in, it sure does feel everlasting.

First Spring Break
TV on the Radio "Staring at the Sun": Only a few years old and this song already sounds like a classic. With this ironic song title perfectly placed during Chicago’s frigid winter, I already feel like I’m on spring break in "Miami, bitch." Forgive me for quoting that god-forsaken song.

First House Party
The Hood Internet "On My Wildfire (Wiz Kahlifa x SBTRKT)": This should either be the theme song for  Celebrity Rehab or the anthem for the modern day high-schooler.

First Drive
Fidlar "Oh": Brings me back sweet, rebellious sixteen, when I stole my dad’s convertible just to drive downtown and blast a song like this one.