Oh, the dreaded questions in wedding season: “When are you two getting married?” “You planning on popping out a few munchkins in the future?” I typically respond politely, but it's hard to hide my frustration when I explain,“I’m still young. I’ll give it a few years…” The truth, the big reveal? I’m unsettled about settling. I don’t want to grow up. I want to travel the world, replace the thought of children with pets, and stay head over heels in love without any obligations…as of yet. The same goes for my music taste. I mean, who can settle for just one or two favorite tracks? Give me snippets of everything. Get ready for a wide array of tracks -- and a partially schizophrenic weekly roundup -- that ranges from hip-hop to punk freakin’ rock.

Fruit Bats “Lives of Crime”: You know when you listen to a song for the first time, and you think you understand it by merely focusing on the overall sound? The next few times, you start to pay attention to the lyrics and realize your interpretation was completely misconstrued. In fact, the lyrics convey quite the opposite; it’s downright depressing. “Lives of Crime” is one of those bipolar songs that manages to counteract its dark underpinnings with lofty guitar riffs and Beatles-esque resonance. On the surface, it's totally upbeat. But upon further listens, you uncover the dejected, lonely love story. In reference to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the Fruit Bats opt for the lack of choosing either extremity, ultimately creating a balance that’s juuuust right.

Gramatik “Is It Over”: This song is just plain sexy. Within the first few beats of the song, Gramatik instantly creates a dance-y, sway-worthy electro-hip-hop, soul-pop musical mantra. Wait, electro-hip-hop-soul pop? Did I just invent a bogus genre? Most certainly not. Gramatik has created a sound that is undeniably all his own. With smart lyrics, syncopated breakbeats, and electronic remixing, Gramatik’s “Is it Over” leaves the mind open to imagination. Personally speaking (and this may be TMI), this song has me swinging from the trees at the Playboy Mansion.

Blah Blah Blah “Why Am I the Only One Laughing”: It’s love at first sight. The ethereal vocals, heavy bass and ironic tone produce tunes far better than the band's name implies. Get ready for straightforward, emblematic indie rock -- highly emotional lyrics and rock instrumentals that create Libra-like balance...so perfectly level, neither element overpowers the other.

Honorable Mentions:

Is and of the “Sleepless Dream”: Experimental, dreamy ambiance that will have you swirling in ecstasy.

Elliot Smith “Cecilia/Amanda”: This song makes me want to live up to the hipster stereotype of my Wicker Park neighborhood. All I need is my vegan snacks, vintage sunnies, and Elliot Smith’s acoustic-y goodness.

Sainthood Reps “Monculture”
: A post-hardcore punk rock assemblage that completely legitimizes any or all of the following feelings: bitterness, irritation, and possibly sheer hatred? So, let it out on occasion. I think I’m going to get a tattoo on my face now.