I've only lived in Chicago a few years, and after moving from Texas, home to the famed ACL and SXSW, I was already prepared to be disappointed by the summer festival entertainment available in Chicago. Instead Chicago, the city of neighborhoods, awakened my senses to festivals that were up-close and personal and perhaps not as blisteringly hot and dusty as those in the south.

This will be my first full summer in Chicago, and I plan on a festival binge. Here are a few festivals I plan to check out.

Summer Camp Music Festival -- May 25-27, 2012
I'll admit that the main pull for this festival is the camping. I'm embarrassed to admit that I've never been to a camp-out music festival before, and I'm ready to check that off my bucket list. Plus, the indie lineup is pretty fantastic. Looking forward to jamming out to Gramatik, Lance Herbstrong, and my all-time favorite, Rubblebucket.

Spring Awakening Music Festival -- June 16-17, 2012
I've been a electronic junkie for quite some time. With a line up like this-- Flux Pavilion, Benni Benassi, and Diplo -- this is one I won't miss.

Wicker Park Fest -- July 28-29, 2012
There are certainly downsides to having recently moved to the Wicker Park area, but Wicker Park Fest is definitely not one of them. Though the lineup has yet to be announced, my excitement stems from my ability to sneak home, grab a free beer, and take a breather by standing next to my AC unit. Then... I'll return to the musical madness.