Play. Stop. Rewind Skip. Play. Ever wish you could control your next move as easily as you can control your playlist?

Music never ceases to amaze me in its ability to transform your mood at the snap of the fingers. Certain songs have the capability of soaring you into a state of rage, but also have the effect of bringing you into a state of pure ecstasy. A mere click of a button can send you to an entirely different psyche.  

Track 1: Brings me back to the good ole’ days!
Track 2: I’ve put this on too many playlists. SKIP.
Track 3: The chorus is the best part!  FORWARD.
Track 4: Slow song inspires a talking break. PAUSE.
Track 5: Sing along!  And… REWIND.
Track 6: Bad Memory. SKIP.
Track 7: Who is this artist again? BACK. REPLAY. I know this, I swear! BACK. REPLAY.
Track 8: Can we just go back to the first song again, and start over?

Unfortunately, life decisions are not typically this effortless. Thankfully, music makes them a hell of a lot more tolerable. So do yourself a favor, and make a life-changing playlist. If along the way, you hit a bump in the road, just simply skip forward.