Last week, my friends and I debated the influence of the arts on the human psyche. Which art form was most influential on our personal identity? My vote was music.

I thought back to one of my favorite bands as a youngster--Moving Units. While I hardly listen to them now, I have fond memories of them being my first introduction the indie realm. I distinctly remember the day I first listened to their CD.

It was my birthday. My parents bought me a vintage Honda Accord dressed in gold. I called her champagne. As a 16-year old egoist, I told my parents I wanted to go for a drive. Alone. I put the car in drive, rolled down the windows, and put in my new Moving Units CD, cranking the volume. I cruised around the neighborhood hoping neighbors would spot me as a grown adult driving a car.

At that moment, I felt free, independent, and mature. Even though I was far from it, this was my defining moment as a teenager. It was a moment of pure expression and my vehicle was music.