I'm a born and bred Texas native and though many boast about being from the lone star state, as an independent music hoarder, it's a tough life if your not near Austin, Texas. However, I was lucky to escape the typical Dallas suburbia, a place largely absent of liquor stores and character, to a musical haven called Denton, Texas.  Many of my musician friends chose to attend the University of North Texas in Denton. There they found a musical niche that offered mom-and-pop shops, casual pubs, and best of all, a multitude of venues hosting top-ranked indie talent.

As soon as I found this musical gem, I was making my 20-minute escape every weekend to witness the tunes of Midlake, Polyphonic Spree, Sound Team, Centro-matic, and more. Looking back, I believe Denton remains testament to my sanity. When I make my annual trip back home to see the rents, I'll be happy to retreat to Denton--the suburban musical oasis.