Let's just say unemployment isn't well-suited for my type A personality. For the past three days, I've been overly productive to compensate. Shedding my 9-5 routine has apparently turned me into a coffee crack hermit. I've caught up on reading, cleaned and practically overhauled the entire house, applied for jobs, and even started updating my Web site. While on paper it appears I have my ducks in order, it dawned on me that I haven't left the house in three days. My fear of being lazy, aimless, or whatever else we assume of the unemployed has triggered an opposing reaction. INSANITY.

Upon this realization today, I stopped incessantly typing on my computer and faced the great outdoors. While it was too blinding hot and sunny for my new found vampiric lifestyle, it woke me up to the reality that I am in. I came to the conclusion that my busy work quota is only a few days maximum. I will eventually have to face my greatest fear in life -- boredom.

I've decided that as a start, I will lighten up. There are still things to do...for instance, I can take the pup to an obedience class, so that he will actually come when I call him. I can also paint a crazy pattern on my nails like everyone pins on Pinterest. Better yet, I can try to create a new recipe that makes ramen taste better than flavored styrofoam. The possibilities are endless!