So, I'm driving down the city streets of Chicago blaring some new tunes from Crystal Castles and jamming out. The policeman behind doesn't seem to care as I carelessly cut off a few cars and almost run a red light. It's important to note that while, yes, I am a terrible driver; no, this is not completely my fault.

In fact, in a recent article posted by scholars at McGill University, they "identified dopamine streaming into the striatum region of their forebrains '"at peak emotional arousal during music listening."' In this case, it's true. I had fallen victim to music intoxication. Thankfully, I slipped by without a DUMI (Drinking under Musical Influence).

Here, I have posted a few songs that are quite intoxicating if I say so myself. However, I strongly suggest that you park your car before listening, and put on the emergency brake just in case!

Ars Technica Article on Intoxicating Music