We definitely count ourselves lucky to be so involved with Boston dream-folk artist, Marissa Nadler. Not only did she let Epitonic premiere one of her new unreleased songs ("Baby, I Will Leave You in the Morning") for our March relaunch, but she's taken the time to curate a guest playlist for us as well. Download the playlist below and read a bit about why Marissa chose the songs. Then grab a copy of her wonderful new self-titled LP.

1) Kurt Vile - "Baby's Arms" Kurt plays guitar as good as James Blackshaw and then sings gorgeously on top of that. When I first heard this song, it really floored me. He really feels it and it connects with the audience.
2) Hank Williams "Cold, Cold Heart" I think Hank wrote some of the best songs in the history of modern music. Enough said.
3) Sharon Van Etten - "Don't Do It" Sharon and I share a producer in common, Brian McTear, so I'm a bit biased. I think Epic, her last release, is amazing. Each song is great and Don't Do It is my favorite song on the record. So much power.
4) Low - "Especially Me" I opened up for Low recently for a couple dates. I love the harmonies. My favorite Low song is "Sunflower" but I really like this one.
5) El Perro Del Mar - "Change of Heart" I really like Sarah's aesthetic. This record was a sleeper hit for me. It's a great pop record.
6) The Carter Family - "Wildwood Flower" I have been deeply influenced by the Carter Family over the years, in subtle ways. I love this song.
7) Dirty Three - "Sue's Last Ride" I have been listening to Dirty Three for 15 years now. I used to paint and listen to Ocean Songs. I love everything they have done.
8) Sigur Ros - "Svefn-G-Englar" - I love the contorted vocals and the chumminess.
9) Handsome Family - "So Much Wine" I went on tour with these guys a couple years ago. I have been listening to them since high school as well. These songs are great stories.
10) Iron and Wine - "Jesus The Mexican Boy" I have to admit I really love early Iron and Wine -- the low-fi stuff. I love this EP and this song.