I think it's safe to say that I get my love of R&B from my mother, a woman who not only took me to my first concert (Prince, while still in the womb) but who quickly put me in dance classes after she caught me memorizing the the moves to Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation." In fact, the soundtrack to my childhood would be filled with more Toni Braxton and Whitney Houston than Backstreet Boys and N*SYNC (although, trust me, both definitely make an appearance). 

The rhythms and the soul that went into so many of these songs truly brought my attention to music, changing the way I digested it and ultimately forming a love for it that would eventually consume... well, my entire life. From Michael to Usher and everything in between, it's a love that has remained strong as I've grown older. Now in my twenties, I find it fascinating to see how much the genre has transformed. Blurring multiple genres, R&B has certainly made a comeback and continues to color outside the lines.