There's just something so calming and wonderful about waking up early enough to enjoy a cup of coffee before you start your day. And I'm not talking about rushing into Starbucks 5 minutes before you have to go to work and ordering a "skinny grande latte with two pumps no sweetener and soy milk." No, I'm talking about taking the time with that french press, opening up the latest issue of The Believer and just chilling out before another hectic week begins. 

Granted I don't know when I last had time to enjoy such a simple pleasure but, by all means, please do it for me and tell me all about it. Tell me all about it to restore my faith in a non-rushed world, to remind me that if I just set my alarm  a half hour earlier I too could have that half hour of pure unabridged bliss. 

Here's 10 tracks to get your started with your morning routine.