I'm sure I'm not the first 20-something year old girl to say this, but Lena Dunham just gets me. In fact, on my most recent trip back to my hometown her HBO television series Girls managed to air an episode in which she also travels back to her hometown. Parallel universes, right guys? In the episode her character Hannah gets a chance to see what her post-college life would have been like if she would have stayed in Michigan instead of New York. Obviously this got me thinking: What would have life been like if I would have stayed in good old suburbia? 

Obviously you wouldn't be reading this. And my cat Elliott would be a wild farm cat on the prowl (which, in reality, I'm sure he wouldn't mind). But what the little things? Would my beer snobbery still exist and would I even know what poutine is? In fact, a life without poutine is something I'd prefer not to think about, so let's just make this quick shall we? 

I've received vague images of what life would have been like if I would have stayed in my hometown, and while the thought of homecooked meals and a car are enticing I feel at home here in the city. Sure, there are times when I miss the ease of getting from one place to another without worrying about bus delays but it's easy to get through when you realize you've made a good decision on finding the right place for you. Plus when I really think about what I would be doing if I still lived in my hometown it goes a little something like this: still working at Outback Steakhouse, going to house parties with the kids I went to high school with, labeling Jack Daniels as "good" whiskey, and having the highlight of my summer be the Iowa State Fair. Thanks for making me just a tad cooler, Chicago. 

So in honor of me heading back to the homestead this week, here are 10 tracks that I plan to blare whilst driving my little sister's car around my small suburban town.