There is something to be said for how one's musical taste transitions as s/he grows older. What once may have come off as meaningful in the nervous nail-bitten years of high school may now feel distant and lacking in depth. However it is this musical change that turns music lovers into true listeners, listeners who possess the ability to judge more than one aspect of a song, be it lyrics, dynamics, instrumentation, etc. As we progress in age our mind finds new ways of examining music, a new lens to put it under. 

As we grow older, our needs become different: what was once a need for pre-teen acceptance turns into a need for stability and family. And because our new environment presents us with different challenges we look towards things that can put us at ease, things that share a common ground with the lives we now lead. A song like the Ataris’ “In This Diary” may have resonated strongly with this generation's twenty-somethings as teenagers, but has likely lost steam after finding themselves thrust into a search for financial stability and long-term love. A generation such as this may now look more towards the suburban ramblings of Arcade Fire or the melancholy lyrics found in Neutral Milk Hotel’s “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.”

While this can’t be said for all music listeners, many who feel they have a strong connection with music will often admit to drifting through musical phases -- and while this may not be a necessity for music listeners, it does assist in rounding out one's musical taste. By searching for music that not only evokes feelings but also has a way of explaining ones current situation, listeners are also settling into the aging process with music and life alike.