For the last five years I have watched my hometown of Des Moines, Iowa develop into a wonderful city full of music, entertainment, and art. It's been fascinating to see this place bloom into something much larger than I would have ever imagined and while I may not have appreciated it as a teen I now proudly claim Des Moines as my favorite place in the world. And for good reason. Not only is it the number one place for young professionals right now, but it also is home to one of my favorite summer festivals: 80-35

Boasting acts from a number of diverse generes, 80-35 is one of our favorite things about the city. Named after two prominent interstates that meet in the corner of Des Moines this multi-day festival contains a number of stages that not only showcase national talent, but regional and local acts as well. In its first year alone over 30,000 people were in attendance to see headliners The Flaming Lips and The Roots. This year, as the festival prepares to celebrate it's fifth birthday, bands such as Fucked Up, Dinosaur Jr., The Avett Brothers, and Death Cab For Cutie will grace the festivals main stage. 

The festival is even ran by a great organization called the Des Moines Music Coalition, a non-profit that aims to build a stronger and more diverse live music scene within the city. And did I mention it's affordable? Two day passes are on sale now and are a mere $65. Take that outrageously priced corporate festivalsSo go ahead and wave the next time you fly over, but just remember that there's more to Iowa than just cornfields and farmland and 80-35 is the perfect example of that.