I'd be Wyld Stallyns.

That's a phrase I've recently created and that seems to make a lot of sense in my life right now. Things are going swimmingly. I graduated from college, just shy of my 30th birthday. I have a beautiful wife and 14 month old daughter and I was recently brought on as publicist for Epitonic.com, one of the sites I hold ultimately responsible for my excellent taste in music. Like many of the original founders, I grew up in a small town without any cool record stores and as close as I came to being a hipster in my youth was listening to Sonic Youth instead of Mr. Big.

But here I am getting ready to turn 30, working with one of the coolest music sites in the world and getting to brag about it on said music site. The icing on the cake is a surprise trip to Ireland that my wife planned to inaugurate my third decade. So, I can definitely say that if life was a battle of the bands, I'd be Wyld Stallyns. So party on!  And enjoy the new site.