Epitonic is sort of like a cult isn't it? At least a really cool club that anyone can join. How many people claim that Lala changed their life? Did you even notice when they disappeared? I certainly noticed the death of Epitonic when content started drying up in 2004. It sucked.

I discovered the majority of my favorite bands on this very site beginning in 2001. Before then I was listening to the community college freshman standard issue mix CD: Radiohead, Sonic Youth, The Clash, etc. But when a friend turned me onto Epitonic it was like a Hipster-Matic 2000 magically appeared in my bedroom. I became of aware of bands like Jawbox, Braid, Dismemberment Plan, and Knapsack. The 5 gigs on my generation one iPod (weighing roughly a metric ton) was soon filled to the brim. I'm surprised it had the memory left to run the secret block-breaker game on its monochrome LCD screen. With white earbuds inserted, I had arrived.

So being here as a contributing member of this site helping the relaunch is really a big deal to me. It's mind-blowing to think that without this site I wouldn't be helping get the site relaunched. Surreal, right? I certainly think so. I'm a member of the cult of Epitonic. I'm wearing the Nikes and my ears are drinking the Cool-Aid.