It's been a pretty crazy week in Epitonia, we moved into our new office space in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood where we now share working quarters with Carrot Top Distribution and saki  , a record store and performance space. We also teamed up with saki  to present a new feature called Epitonic saki Sessions, where we bring in an amazing artist and interview them and film an in-store performance. Last night was the debut session featuring Merge Records' Eleanor Friedberger of the Fiery Furnaces. The session should appear in August, so keep your eyes peeled.

In the meantime, here's a recap of some of the new jams we added to Epitonic this week.

Male Bonding: "Bones" This London noise-pop trio made some waves last year with the release of their US debut and judging by this new track from their upcoming Sub Pop release, Endless Now it's safe to say they're poised for great things. Shoegazey walls of guitar, a devastatingly simple-yet-compelling drum beat, and cascading vocal harmonies will bring lots of joy to any fans of Autolux, Mojave 3, or My Bloody Valentine.

Dirty Three: "Long Way To Go With No Punch" It's Friday, it's a roundup... so let's keep the theme going with some more shoe gazing. This song's actually an "oldie," having originally been released on 2003's She Has No Strings Apolla. But this piece of droning piano and string music is the perfect soundtrack to staring at your Chuck Taylors while riding a subway train to work/school/church.

The Rapture: "How Deep Is Your Love" OK. Let's take it up a notch with this new track from one of dance-punk's titans of industry. It also marks the band's return to DFA. There's some hand clapping, trademark Luke Jenner warbling, a synth-organ solo, and plenty of sine-bass for that ass. Looking forward to some more DFA/Rapture tracks in the near future.

Quick Picks:

The Civil Wars - "No Ordinary Love" We've added about a dozen tracks from this Americana rock band over the past month and for good reason.

Jay-Z and Kanye West - "Otis" How can you go wrong when two of hip-hop's top artists collaborate?

Dum Dum Girls - "Coming Down" Press release calls it a "slowdive ballad."