There's a toddler in my lap watching Brobee sing about a party in his tummy. ("Carrots want to go to the party in my tummy??) While she thousand-yard stares the idiot box she balances in my lap holding my shirt collar and an Ernie doll (Hey, Bert!). She's waiting for me to stop typing and get her breakfast. I'll be right back...

OK, sorry about that. I'm proud to say that I'm part of an elite society along the lines of ninja assassins and zombie hunters... we're called stay-at-home dads. And I love it. Did you know Charles from the Wrens pulls a similar gig when not on the road with the Wrens... which we all know how often that is. ;) Keeping folks waiting... since 1989 indeed.

I get up and toss on some Yo Gabba or Sesame while I check my email and respond to any pressing matters before getting breakfast ready. Then I finish up my emails while she eats a wholegrain blueberry waffle before we start the day. I turn on Pandora on my television and we start playing and reading. We usually listen to the Yo Gabba Gabba station (we're talking tunes from the Shins, of Montreal and MGMT... so... we're both happy). Sometimes I turn on the National station. They're her favorite non-puppet band.

Every so often I'll sneak away from playing farm to check my email and handle some business before it's back to reading Sandra Boynton books (her favorite is "Blue Hat Green Hat").

My wife works from home as well, but has a boss and French stock market to answer to so we don't see her much during the day. But some time between 5 and 6:30 we switch duties. I head back to the emails or get some work done on a project then I make dinner. After the peanut hits the hay around 8:30 I'm back on the computer to get some serious work done. We head to bed around midnight and wind down with some Netflix. "3rd Rock From the Sun" is a fun, mindless choice. The it's up again at 7am to check email with DJ Lance Rock and make waffles.

I'm an indie rock dad and I'm trying to type.