I don't want to preach and I'm not going to get up on a soap box (afraid of heights), but I am going to take a second this Memorial Day to be thankful for something more than the awesome Monroe Mustang and Kurt Vile tracks we just posted; I'm talking about remembering those who have died while serving our country.

You see, Memorial Day (then Decoration Day) was originally enacted to honor those who died in the Civil War - and later all wars. These days its true meaning is mostly ignored in favor of vegan hotdogs and poorly concocted mojitos -- or god forbid one of those 64 calorie lemonade drinks!

At the risk of losing all the indie cred I may have amassed with the readers of Epitonic.com (do people actually read these editor posts???) I have a confession to make: I'm a Marine veteran. I served from 1999 (there wasn't a war then) until 2004 (there was definitely a war then). I enlisted because I was stagnating in a small town and needed to get as far away as possible. A little scratch for a possible college attendance sounded nice, too (I graduated last year). So I joined the toughest branch of the military and then chose the hardest job in the military (infantry). I'm also 6'2'', lanky, and unassuming; you probably wouldn't be nervous walking by me on the side walk at night. But I did it, hated it all the while, yet I'm proud of doing it.

I obviously didn't die in military service, but my roommate Cpl. Ronald Payne Jr. and countless others did. So this weekend as I'm funneling a 64 calorie lemon-flavored malt beverage enjoying a scotch (straight), I'm going to have a moment of silence and remember that there's more to life than just living.