I read a lot of tech blogs on my phone. It's just something I do. One of them there blogs is Gizmodo. They talk about a lot of cool gadgets and technology, but they also post some really funny stuff too. Today I watched a video they linked to called "Hipster Playlist" by the comedy troupe Harvard Sailing Team.

This video is scarily accurate, but I promise you it's nothing like what happens when us Epitonians get together to talk shop. I can pretty much imagine that there are a lot of 3rd floor walk-ups in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where people just like these are talking about how "indie," "sick," and "exclusive" the new Kanye West remix of a Passion Pit song is.

When my fellow Epitonic editors and I get together we usually talk about food. And eat food. But you should watch this video and imagine it's us... I don't mind.