My contract ran out on my cell phone two years ago so I decided to either get an iPhone or one of the new Google G1 Android phones. After some deliberation I decided on the iPhone, but after some hassles with AT&T I canceled my order and went with the G1. Some might call it early adoption.

We had some good times, my G1 and I. Unfortunately, the phone stopped being able to handle the Android OS updates and while everyone was rocking the FroYo, I was still nibbling a cupcake. So after two years I decided to get an iPhone. It'd look great next to my iPad and iMac, right? (No, I'm not an Apple fanboy. Trust me on this one.)

Bottom line is I can't hold a 15 minute call without being dropped (on Verizon), but I can jam 16 gigs of music on my car stereo via blue-tooth. Is there a sacrifice there? Depends on who you ask. Anyway, here are some tunes that are currently on my iPhone. Just don't call me to complain about them.