The economic downturn of recent years has been hard on all of us (ok, most of us). People have been hoarding their pennies and illegally downloading music instead of visiting record stores and buying albums. A lot of us have probably been buying the cheap milk and off-brand Oreos, who knows? But there are some having it harder than the rest of us.

A recent article in Bird Fancy magazine pointed out that, sadly, Americans have been putting their money towards paying off credit cards at 28.99% interest and paying off student loans instead of buying bird seed for outdoor feeders. As our population has increased over the past hundred years, the avian population has slowly forgotten how to feed themselves and have become dependent on bird feeders. Because of this the population of American Red-beaked Warblers has decreased by nearly 34%. The sickly little fellas have been falling out of the sky across the heartland.

Sure, musicians have been starving, but when's the last time you found a drummer dead in your backyard? From natural causes! So, as the weather gets warmer and the barbeques start firing up across the country, please think about filling your feeders, even if that means getting your seed from Wal-mart. There are some red-faced little tweeters who could use your charity.

Not a word of this was true, but it makes you think, don't it? Maybe not. Enjoy the tunes.