Part of my day-to-day at Epitonic -- when I'm not scheduling interviews for Justin with Us Weekly and Popular Mechanics -- is to work on our social media outreach. That means posting on our main Twitter (and my personal) and deciding if you're cool enough to follow (sorry mom) as well as posting on our Tumblr page and Facebook. It's a necessary evil, but mildly evil nonetheless.

Back in the day (March 8, 1999) when Epitonic first launched, there really were no social media sites as we know them today. Mark Zuckerberg was still in High School and even Friendster was still a couple years away. All Epitonic had to worry about was posting music songs. There weren't even many other options (if you didn't want to go to break the law). But now it's 2011 and times are a little different. Not only do we need to find the best music but  fight tooth and nail to secure and keep our market share (that means you, gentle visitor). We're all over the Web and that's OK. Because so are you.