Wednesday 3/14/12. I sit, no doubt, in my arm chair. The one in my living room that is unmistakably mine. I will have started heating water to make coffee in a French press, cause I'm an ass like that. I'll be skimming through the Netflix queue deciding what "Understated Tortured Genius Cerebral Social and Cultural Documentary" to ignore while updating Facebook and watching Twitter for gems like @nickkroll's "Looking for an update on who's winning #sxsw: hipsters vs. douchebags" to make me feel better about missing festival. 

I, too, will not be hitting Austin this year, and although tonight I will be missing Action Bronson, Big K.R.I.T., and one of my long time favorites Built to Spill...I'll be content dodging the crowds and living vicarious through editors Patrick, Parker, Bill, and Cristina