Few things are as special as the feeling you get when you listen to a record for the first time. It's a feeling I've been addicted to since I first developed enough taste to motivate me to jump onto public transportation with the rest of my fourteen-year-old Edgebrook friends and head to Harlem and Irving to spend exceedingly too many hours in Rolling Stone Records. One of life's little perks is that the Epitonic office is located in the back of saki, allowing all of us far too much time to stare at records. 

The interwebs have been a buzz all week
* about music ownership. Could it be a warning sign of an inherent flaw in the freemium model? Or a sign that consumers are not willing to rent music? I prefer the latter. The word "rent" implies some sort of temporary need, and certainly anyone who's ever spent torturous hours in a record store in a state of irrational moral panic over which album to purchase would never view music as temporary.

The following tracks are not related to Thanksgiving in any way other than they deserve thanks, from me, for leading me to ten incredible albums (or EPs) that I happily own and force all my friends to enjoy in bits and pieces on various mix CDs, flash drives, and zip files. Friday's Black Friday. If you're insane, go to a retailer. But if you're truly mad "Walk into a local record store and ask for an American music anthology." For this Friday is Record Store Day.

*(OG publishing date of 11/21/2011)