The first half of the summer was spent lazing about under the guise of saving money. Though money was definitely saved, it was at the cost of personal hygiene and physical fitness. Video games and the desire to find anything mood altering drove that first half of the summer.

Many nights were spend driving the same stretch of road, in the same mother's Honda CRV, with the same volume cranked up to the same number on the dial, playing the same two or three songs. It was only two months ago, but those songs -- which seemed so timeless then -- are tiresome now.

Those early summer favorites have faded into the rearview like an old crush, leaving feelings of blind ignorance and "OMG, so immature!"

Flying out of Phoenix generally means arriving in cooler climates, but walking out of Midway for the weekend of Pitchfork was a hell in its own right. The heat and humidity continued to grow up to and beyond the heat stroke-inducing day three of Lollapalooza. Luckily there were enough dudes with no shirts on to allow normal people to unbutton a few top buttons and not look like assholes.

Night drives were replaced with train rides and the CRV was replaced with a shitty pair of earbuds. The volume is not nearly loud enough, and the songs have changed drastically. Songs that feel more sophisticated and fascinating and a new crush.