Working in an office has its benefits. Air conditioning in the summer, heating in the winters. Plenty of time to sit in front of the computer to keep up-to-date on the Twitter. Snacks are usually not hard to come by, and there's hot coffee which could possibly be marginally fresh if your timing is right.

But working outdoors in the spring really can't be beaten. Sure it's loud. Turn your headphones up to cover the hum of the palm sander and pretend that the cedar you're smelling is the inside of a humidor full of fine cigars rather than sawdust shooting up your nostrils. Tropics of Love comes on and suddenly you're no longer covered in sawdust, but sand. 

Being in the office never allowed my mind to wonder in the ways outdoor work has always seemed encourage. The headphones blaze loud enough to ignore any distractions and the music is distant enough from the task to take your mind out of it...because it certainly is hard to pretend that sawdust in your nose is something other than sawdust in your nose.