After sleeping forever and eating a brief and inadequate breakfast, I slathered on the 50 proof sun block and headed out the door to meet a heat that made me change shirts before I was off our property. And you could cut the air with a fucking spoon it was so humid out.

Thankfully, I obtained my phone at will call when I had left during Fleet Foxes the night prior, so all was on the up and up for day three.

Kurt Vile: Despite looking miserably hot with his long black locks roasting in the sun, Vile rocked it. 

OFWGKTA: We stayed for their whole set and no one got beaten, raped, or murdered. Between Tyler the Creator stage diving with a casted leg, lyrical slip-ups, and the group taking pictures of the crowd, Odd Future... was too fun and funny to be as horrendous as the hype.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti: Watching Ariel Pink dance was like watching Kurt Cobain possessed by the spirit of Joe Cocker -- if that were something that could ever be possible. Pink's set was pretty weird. Sometimes his band appeared as though they were playing a completely different show...well, in fact, Pink appeared to playing a completely different show just about the entire time. Before I could really realize what exactly was going on, they decided to stop playing. 

Superchunk: Some good old raucous indie rock. Pretty straight forward stuff, if you ask me.

Kylesa: There was a strong desire to see Kylesa "just to say I've seen Kylesa." Not being much a metal guy, I couldn't make it through the whole set out of fear that I might loose my soul.

Deerhunter: Deerhunter has a tendency to wander off on their audience a bit. After a blistering hot day that left everyone looking like they'd jumped in a pool, some shoegazing jams while the sun finally started to cool down were very welcome indeed.

Cut Copy: This was the second festival I'd seen Cut Copy perform at. Both times I've gone with an "Eh, nothing else is going on," attitude, and each time I've been blown away. Even though Cut Copy's recordings can't get me excited, their shows get me nothing but. Cut Copy turned Union Park into a giant dance party. From the front of the stage to the baseball fields, there was not a single person not moving, jumping, and sweating from opener "Feel the Love" till the last notes of closer "Need You Now." 

I would say they were making up for time lost from their infamous "airport delay" Pitchfork appearance, but Cut Copy is simply a great live act.  

TV on the Radio: Absolutely zero bullshit. Sitek and crew came out and kicked the shit out of the festival. These dudes who all looked like they'd just completed PhDs come walking out on stage and commence into a full band clap session to kick off "Halfway Home," and they never really stopped. As the set played out I began to wonder if there are any TV on the Radio songs that are not good. If there are, the group certainly doesn't play them live. Perhaps they have all obtained PhDs.

Highlights of the set? Shabazz Palaces helping out on percussion for "A Method" and something about hearing TV on the Radio cover Fugazi's "Waiting Room" capped off the weekend in the best fucking way. Highlights of the weekend? Animal Collective, Dismemberment Plan, TV on the Radio.

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