Back when I was still  living in the desert, I returned back to school after a summer working at home and this guy who I only kind of knew from one class called me. "Hey, do you like Interpol?" he asks me. I was in a weird stage in my life back then when I was only listening to The Slackers so I told him I didn't know who they were. He was like, "It's cool. If you like the Cure you'll like them," which, whatever, going to see a show for "a couple beers" is something that should never be turned down.  

The band that opened for Interpol was an instrumental band. They were great. They were three guys and a girl. We couldn't get over how great they were. They had no microphones, so...they never really said their name. It's comforting to think that the group was actually Sleeping People, but who knows?